Texas Advocates for Justice offers leadership and community organizing trainings for formerly incarcerated individuals and families affected by incarceration.

Our Leadership Training:

Texas Advocates for Justice was formed out of the need to organize and lift up the voices of those most impacted by and concerned about over-incarceration and criminalization of our communities. Recognizing that Texas incarcerates more people than any other state, and that a majority of those incarcerated in Texas come from Houston, we began our organizing there. We believe that people who have been directly affected by incarceration, together with their families, should lead the movement for change in Texas. We offer intensive community organizing trainings designed to build on the expertise, experience, and powerful commitment of our members. Graduates of our training become members of our action network where we put our training into practice and advance our mission to end the criminalization of our communities.


Texas Advocates for Justice – TAJ

“Texas Advocates for Justice, the group, is built on the idea that no one is better suited to lead the fight to change criminal justice policies than individuals who lives, families, and communities have been devastated by those policies. Texas Advocates for Justice, the movie, is true to that same premise. Opening with the chilling spoken word of Nikki Luellen, TAJ the movie follows the members of the advocacy group as they train and support each other for what will be a long battle – tearing down the belief that cages belong in our society. Full of hope and fierce determination, the film will surely take its place among the best of the genre.”